Teaching Resources

Teaching Material:
  • Erosion: Detachment, Transportation, and Deposition- Learn about the basics of wind and water erosion
  • Soil Air and Composition: Learn about the three phases of soil: solids, liquids, and gasses. The solids may be mineral or organic. The pores are filled with either air or water.
  • The Sponge Model - Simple Lessons on Soil & Water: This uses a sponge to examine several soil properties related to agriculture, water, the environment, and engineering.
  • Soil Texture (PDF): This helpful guide walks you through the method of determining soil texture by feel.
  • Water Erosion Simulation: This actiivity uses pans filled with bare or covered soil and garden water cans to observe soil erosion by water.
  • Dirt Pudding: This is a fun way to teach about and visualize soil horizons.


  • Soil is a Filter: This uses different soil types to examine the filtering ability of soil when exposed to contaminants.
  • Dirt Shirts: Use dirt to dye t-shirts!
  • Nutrient Uptake Activity (PDF): This is a fun and simple activity related to nutrients. It requires white carnations, food coloring, water, and containers. It can sometimes be continued for a week. This picture below was taken 8 days after the carnations were placed into the dyed water.
  • Burlese Funnel: A berlese funnel is a device that is used to extract insects from soil samples. Learn how to make your own here!


Other Resources: